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Many works in My Gallery are available to be used as Book Covers, CD Covers, etc.


Check out, choose, ask me and we will reach an agreement.

Then, eMail me


my Works as Book Covers

my Works as Album/Cd Covers


The works in my Gallery I sell them on 200 € (euros).
· Some (many) are already sold. If interested please, tell me which and I'll tell you if still available.

· Each work is only sold once. I transfer you all rights, exclusivity, etc.

· Not extra fees for stock photos or fonts.
· If  you need, some extras as the cover lettering (title and author name), some banners for

your self promotionin your Socials, FB, Blog, Web, etc. an small extra of, maximum, 50 €.

· I can do (for a small extra) the wrap around for printed covers (spine and back cover).
· included in the price the promotion that I would make of you and your book, Cd, ctc on my Web, my FB etc.

I hope you find something that fits your ideas otherwise, we can do it hand-in-hand from scratch.

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